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China Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery CO.Ltd
Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery CO.Ltd
Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. (ZK Corp) was established in 1956. The company is committed to providing innovative technology equipment and solid waste and hazardous waste recycling solutions for many countries and regions around the world. After more than 60 years of development, it has become a comprehensive modern enterprise, covering an area of 76,000 square feet and a building area of 43,000 square feet. ZK Corp now has 6 modern workshops, 4 heavy equipment workshops, 1 ...
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Quality LECA Production Line & Active Lime Production Line factory

High Efficiency Solid Waste Rotary Kiln Incinerator Low Consumption Simple Maintenance Video

High Efficiency Solid Waste Rotary Kiln Incinerator Low Consumption Simple Maintenance

Product Name:Industrial Waste Incineration Complete

After Sale Service:Engineers Available To Service Machinery Overseas


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Rotary Kiln Active Lime Production Equipment Calcined Lime Kiln Equipment Video

Rotary Kiln Active Lime Production Equipment Calcined Lime Kiln Equipment


Main Equipment:Rotary Kiln, Preheater, Ball Mill, Bag Filter Etc

Application:Quicklime Plant

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Sludge Waste Treatment Equipment With 50,000-600,000 Cubic Meters Video

Sludge Waste Treatment Equipment With 50,000-600,000 Cubic Meters


Main Equipment::LECA Rotary Kiln, Granulator, Rotary Screen Etc

Raw Materials::Clay, Sludge, Shale, Fly Ash

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Mining Fixed Rubber Conveying Equipment , Quarry Plant Electric Belt Conveyor


Structure:Belt Conveyor

Material:Carbon Steel

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France PQ16 Disc Granulator
France PQ16 Disc Granulator
nquiry time: January, 2022 Equipment requirement: 1. PQ16 type disc granulator 2. Feeding materials: Iron ore powder   Client: France HOLCIM company   Technical communication process: As a global executive cement design and manufacturing company, HOLCIM company has put forward special requirements for the structure of this granulator as follows 2 unpowered scrapers Reinforced scraper support frame Discharge chute The transmission position shall be protected   In the communication time of more than two months, our technicians responded quickly, provided four versions of the general drawing of the equipment, presented the structural points concerned by customers in 3D details for many times, and finally determined the general drawing of the equipment.         Protective cover of transmission part (yellow position)   Equipment certification requirements: The complete machine is CE certified, and the disc granulator of ZK Corp’s PQ series has obtained CE certification in February 2022. The customer is very satisfied and recognized.   Transportation suggestions: In order to save the transportation cost, it is recommended that customers adopt LCL transportation. In order to meet this transportation requirement, we have adopted the overall external packaging scheme of iron frame, which has been approved by customers.     To sum up, “Rapid response + Technical Solution + Intimate service” is the purpose and concept of our ZK Corp to serve the customers!  
Sri Lanka iron concentrate drying project
Sri Lanka iron concentrate drying project
Project introduction: The project is located in Sri Lanka. The owner is an enterprise engaged in deep processing of titanium powder. In order to develop new products, customers hope to calcine their existing titanium powder and constantly experiment to obtain ideal finished products. Because it is the experimental stage, the amount of materials that customers need to calcine is small, which is 30 kg / h. The material calcination process involves multiple processes, which is a calcination process that needs systematic design. After determining the site conditions and technical requirements of customers, we provide customers with the combination scheme of rotary kiln and gas burner. The customer is very satisfied with our professional technology and service level. I hope we can recommend appropriate experimental equipment according to the needs of the project. After confirming the customer's front and rear processes, we will determine the specific model and size for the customer. [Raw material] Titanium concentrate [Fuel] Natural gas [Production capacity] 30kg per hour   Project overview Project address: Colombo, Sri Lanka Product Name: Titanium concentrate experimental rotary kiln Production scale: 30kg/h titanium concentrate drying line Service scope: From the storage, transportation, calcination and dust removal of titanium refined powder raw materials to the process design, equipment supply, equipment installation and commissioning, after-sales training of finished product storage and transportation system, environmental dust collection system and electrical automation control system.   Project Solution At first, the customer only provided basic information, including that the material to be calcined is titanium powder, the calcination amount is 30 kg per hour, and the fuel used for calcination is natural gas. Obviously, these data can not support the process design. After many inquiries and communication, the customer provided important calcination temperature and calcination time. The customer hopes to calcine for 2 to 3 hours, and the required calcination temperature is 950 to 1050 degrees. Do experiments in such a calcination environment to observe whether the finished products can meet the demand. Based on the customer's data, our technical team selected the rotary kiln with a diameter of 0.5m and a length of 4m as the main equipment to complete the calcination demand after careful calculation. On this basis, provide customers with dust removal system and transportation equipment. The initial materials enter from the head of the rotary kiln through the conveying equipment φ The 0.5 * 4m rotary kiln flows downward from the inlet under the action of gravity. During the rotation of the cylinder, the materials are constantly overturned in the cylinder and gradually heated. The preheated material continues to move to the high-temperature area. In this process, the material is calcined to a high-temperature state, and its shape is also changing. The flue gas in the rotary kiln is led out from the upper part of the kiln tail. Under the action of the induced draft fan, the flue gas passes through the dust collector and then discharged from the chimney through the fan. The calcined titanium concentrate reservoir product flows out from the tail of the rotary kiln and is delivered to the storage area through the conveyor. During transportation, contact with the natural environment can help cool the finished product. After cooling, customers will study how to optimize the calcination process according to the situation of finished products to promote the calcination effect.
ZK Committed to Coronavirus Prevention Effectively and Resumption of Production Safely
ZK Committed to Coronavirus Prevention Effectively and Resumption of Production Safely
During the period of Coronavirus prevention and control, Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery Co., Ltd paid extensive attention to the special situation. In order to conscientiously implement the prevention and control requirements of “outstanding focus, overall planning, classified guidance, and regional policy implementation” from the central government, we cooperate and implement the local government's regulations and epidemic prevention measures actively, and proactively fulfill and uphold corporate social responsibility. Facing the Coronavirus, all of our employees are united to make full preparations for safety and normal production under on basis of effective prevention and control of Coronavirus. The company's leadership attaches great importance to the resumption of production and work during this special period. According to the requirements of the government policy, a solution for resumption of work and production will be formulated, an epidemic prevention manual for employees will be issued, production and epidemic prevention materials will be stored, and a set of prevention and control system for epidemic prevention process will be established. To cooperate with the municipal government, we are ready to implement various prevention and control measures and resolutely win the epidemic prevention battle. Let ’s walk into the workshop and take a look at the hard-working workers of Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery Co. Ltd. In order to deliver the customer ’s order in time, the workers are working hardly and conscientiously, even in the special period.
How to Improve the Working Efficiency of Sludge Dryer
How to Improve the Working Efficiency of Sludge Dryer
Sludge dryer realized the recycling, but its power consumption is not acceptable by enterprises. In order to better serve the customer, sludge dryer manufacturer of ZK will share methods to reduce power consumption of sludge drying machine. ZK has a rich project experience in the sludge dryer.   Wastewater sludge is dried to minimize its mass and to save sludge hauling and disposal costs. Handling and storage of dried sludge is easy and all further disposal and utilization methods are possible. The dried product can be used as fertilizer and as well as fuel - its caloric value is similar to that of brown coal.   During thermal sludge drying almost all water is evaporated, including surface, capillary and cell water. Supply of heat is needed, preferably from combined power and heat generation systems. A great portion of the drying heat is recovered from the exhaust and re-circulated. Solids contents in the dried product of 90% DS and above can be achieved.   The utilization rate of heat energy play a very important role in the drying process. If the heat energy of dryer machine can not be taken away timely, then it will bring great influence on the whole system. Even the circulation blocking also will produce very big effect to the system. Generally speaking, the draught fan applied in the drying process is very big and almost continuously operated, which will save 30 percent energy if using frequency converter. In addition, setting a dust collector at the back of slime dryer will save half electric bill, because the power of draught fan equipped with dust collector is greater. Moreover after using frequency converter, the overall equipment noise decreased a lot and it also prolongs service life of the equipment.   If you still have question about sludge dryer and want get the sludge dryer price, please contact us.
New Design Kaolin Rotary Kiln Calcination Equipment Supplier
New Design Kaolin Rotary Kiln Calcination Equipment Supplier
Kaolin rotary kiln is the main equipment for the kaolin calcination. Kaolin rotary kiln is also called Kaolin calcination kiln, which could be used in the calcination process of zinc oxide, magnesium oxide, bauxite etc. Kaolin rotary kiln by ZK Corp has the following features, high productivity, simple structure, and easy operation etc.   The finished products calcined by Kaolin rotary kiln could be used as the mineral raw material in paper, ceramics, rubber, chemicals, coatings and other industries. Some high-tech fields began to use kaolin as the new materials. In addition, the high temperature resistant porcelain parts of space shuttle and spacecraft are also made up of kaolin.   Features of Kaolin Rotary Kiln 1. The ultra-fine kaolin technology of Kaolin rotary kiln represents the development direction of ultra-fine kaolin calcination technology. This calcination technology has the advantages of low energy consumption, high yield, and stable performance. 2. The Kaolin rotary kiln has the features of ultra-fine grading size, high precision, large processing capacity, low energy consumption per unit of product, high efficiency, which has been utilized to a great extent. 3. High crushing ratio and processing capacity, low energy consumption per unit of product, high efficiency, widely used.   Structure of Kaolin Rotary Kiln Rotary kiln is composed of cylinder, gears, supports device, kiln liner and kiln tail sealing equipment, kiln head hood, and combustion. Cylinder as heated pivoting part, made of high-quality carbon steel plate, is supported on the first or some gear in order to control the turning of cylinder. Gearing gyrate according to process-required rotating speed by ring gear in the middle of cylinder. Because of the need of installation or maintenance, bigger rotary kiln has auxiliary gears, which makes cylinder gyrate more slowly. To prevent cold air come in and dust overflow, the reliable kiln tail and head sealing equipment is installed on feed and discharge end.   ZK Corp could also meet different needs from different customer to produce Non-standard kaolin rotary kiln.
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