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How to Improve the Working Efficiency of Sludge Dryer


Latest company news about How to Improve the Working Efficiency of Sludge Dryer

Sludge dryer realized the recycling, but its power consumption is not acceptable by enterprises. In order to better serve the customer, sludge dryer manufacturer of ZK will share methods to reduce power consumption of sludge drying machine. ZK has a rich project experience in the sludge dryer.


Wastewater sludge is dried to minimize its mass and to save sludge hauling and disposal costs. Handling and storage of dried sludge is easy and all further disposal and utilization methods are possible. The dried product can be used as fertilizer and as well as fuel - its caloric value is similar to that of brown coal.


During thermal sludge drying almost all water is evaporated, including surface, capillary and cell water. Supply of heat is needed, preferably from combined power and heat generation systems. A great portion of the drying heat is recovered from the exhaust and re-circulated. Solids contents in the dried product of 90% DS and above can be achieved.


The utilization rate of heat energy play a very important role in the drying process. If the heat energy of dryer machine can not be taken away timely, then it will bring great influence on the whole system. Even the circulation blocking also will produce very big effect to the system. Generally speaking, the draught fan applied in the drying process is very big and almost continuously operated, which will save 30 percent energy if using frequency converter. In addition, setting a dust collector at the back of slime dryer will save half electric bill, because the power of draught fan equipped with dust collector is greater. Moreover after using frequency converter, the overall equipment noise decreased a lot and it also prolongs service life of the equipment.


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