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Rotary Drum Shaping Machine Ø1×15m3 Granulation Equipment

Rotary Drum Shaping Machine Ø1×15m3 Granulation Equipment

Ø1×15m3 Granulation Equipment

Rotary Drum Granulation Equipment

Ø1×15m3 rotary drum granulator

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Rotary drum granulator

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Product Details
Product Name:
Advanced Technology Shaping Machine
Production Capacity:
5-45 (t/h)
Roller Diameter:
Extruded Ball From A Pair Of Roll Pelletizer
Scope Of Application:
Sludge Ceramsite, Clay Ceramsite, And Shale Sludge Ceramsite.
Motor Type:
AC Motor
Spare Parts:
Supply All Using Life
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 Set
Packaging Details
Delivery Time
Payment Terms
L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability
30 Set / Sets per Month
Product Description
Customizable Advanced Technology Shaping Machine From Manufacturer/Granulation Equipment
Shaping Machine Equipment Introduction:

The shaping machine (secondary granulator) is a kind of secondary granulation equipment that rounds the raw material balls produced by the roller granulator and screens and removes burrs and scraps. It is mainly composed of a transmission device, a support device, and a roller. , Screen and other components, with stable operation, low noise, high efficiency, reliable performance, convenient maintenance, etc.

Rotary Drum Shaping Machine Ø1×15m3 Granulation Equipment 0
Outstanding advantages:
1. The whole process of mixing is carried out inside a fully enclosed drum, and the inside of the drum is in a state of slight negative pressure, no dust pollution, clean and environmentally friendly;
2. The inclined structure design adopts an optimized inclined angle to make the mixture produce a specific flow field inclined up and down. There will be no "back mixing" phenomenon in the drum, and a very high uniformity and good dispersion can be obtained. mixture;
3. Inclined structure design, even if only half or one third of the material is filled in the drum, a satisfactory mixing effect can be achieved;
4. The drum adopts a low-speed design, and the inner wall has a wear-resistant liner, so the equipment is less worn and has a long life;
5. The rotor mixing blades are treated with special surface to have high wear resistance. At the same time, the rotor blades should be designed with rapid replacement structure;


Rotary Drum Shaping Machine Ø1×15m3 Granulation Equipment 1


Working Principle:

The rotating drum is installed at a characteristic angle and is equipped with a high-speed stirring rotor at its eccentric position. When the rotating drum rotates clockwise at a low speed, the material is continuously fed into the moving track of the high-speed counterclockwise rotating stirring blade. With the help of the rotation of the drum and the action of the scraper, a characteristic three-dimensional spatial flow field is formed that is conducive to mixing, so that the materials can be fully turned and mixed in a very short time, and the high efficiency and best uniform treatment effect can be realized.


Rotary Drum Shaping Machine Ø1×15m3 Granulation Equipment 2



Model Cylinder





Overall Dimensions




Rotating Speed

Slope (°)
Ø1×6 Ø1×6 5 3.5 5.5 6000×1358×2535
Ø1×15 Ø1×15 5 3.5 7.5 15000×1358×2535
Ø1.2×15 Ø1.2×15 5 3.5 15 15000×1558×2735
Ø1.2×20 Ø1.2×20 5 3.5 15 20000×1558×2735
Ø1.5×10 Ø1.5×10 5 3.5 15 10000×1858×3035
Ø1.5×14 Ø1.5×14 5 3.5 15 14000×1858×3035
Ø1.5×18 Ø1.5×18 5 3.5 18.5 18000×1858×3035
Ø1.8×16 Ø1.8×16 3-5 3.5 22 16000×1858×3035
Ø1.8×20 Ø1.8×20 3-5 3.5 22 20000×2158×3335
Ø2.0×16 Ø2.0×16 3-5 3 22 16000×3340×3420
Ø2.0×20 Ø2.0×20 3-5 3 30 20000×3340×3420

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