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Cement plant industry dolomite active lime rotary kiln

Cement plant industry dolomite active lime rotary kiln

vertical shaft kiln

rotary kiln incinerator

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Rotary Kiln Calcination

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Cement plant industry dolomite active lime rotary kiln


Qualified limestone stored in silos, the lifting and transported into the pre heater top of the silo, pre heater top hopper, the bottom two materials position control feeding quantity, and then through the next feeding tube will be evenly distributed to the pre heater limestone calvary indoors.

Limestone pre heater kiln flue gas is 1150°C or so, about 30% of the decomposition, the hydraulic plunger push the rotary kiln, rotary kiln sintered limestone decomposed into CAO and CO2. Generated after decomposition of limestone into the cooler, the cooler was bubbled into the cold air cooled to 100 °C at the discharge. The hot-swappable 600°C hot air into the kiln and gas combustion. Exhaust fan in blended with cold air entering through the bag house, and then the exhaust fan into the chimney.

The vibration of cooler lime feeder, chain bucket conveyor, bucket elevator, belt conveyor into lime finished products. Limekiln price according to customer requirements whether screening processes.


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Key Equipment:

Energy saving active lime rotary kiln system mainly include vertical pre heater, transport chute, rotary kiln, combustion devices, vertical cooler, pulse jet bag filter and other equipment, the entire system and reliable equipment operation, degree of automation and labor high productivity, product quality is good.

1) Vertical pre heater:1. pre day for different size of lime pre heater production of different sizes using the applicable square, circular, polygonal vertical pre heater, pusher pre heating area to determine the size according to the number. Tuiout coverage area and reasonable 2. using beams with low pressure drop pre heater flue gas reduces the resistance loss, reduce exhaust device power consumption. High-temperature heat from the kiln to smoke, directly across the materials layer, heat exchange with the gravel thoroughly, pre heat temperatures up to 800-900°C, part of the stones have been disassembled, preheat decomposition while effectively reducing the temperature of exhaust 3. pre heater kiln with hydraulic pusher to feed, equipment and reli 4.ble operation 4. pre heater at the top of the silo has a material position control ensures highly stable material layer pre heater 5. pre heater addition to the top with hanging outside brick the remaining parts are made of refractory castable, brick less masonry simple 6.less pre heater sports equipment maintenance is small.

2) Rotary kiln:1.adopt and adapt the size, diameter and length of the appropriate type of kiln 2.transmission equipment using speed motor drive kiln, and has an auxiliary motor, stable , and flexible adjustment 3.kiln has a spring sea structure, simple, reliable, and good sealing effect 4.spare a diesel driven power outage


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3) Vertical cooler: 1.cooler is divided into four zones, each can be controlled separately, cooling wind and direct contact with hot materials, the cooling effect is good , the ash temperature is not higher than the ambient temperature of about 50°C, secondary air can be pre heated to a temperature above 600°C, which will help calcined 2. cooler has no moving parts, less maintenance of equipment.

4) Combustion devices : 1. use of coal as fuel, according to the size of the kiln type matching two- of four-channel PLC combustion device different, with combustion, flame lively and strong, good stiffness, not to hurt the skin kiln, maintainability strong, post-maintenance costs low, key components of high temperature ceramic components, stable and reliable performance, system investments and other small features 2. gas from the gas burner combustion system , the control valve and other components . regulation of gas through the pipeline to the valve, into the rotary kiln burner, with a secondary air combustion. Gas flow adjustment and flexible. Gas burner by a plurality of hollow sleeve and a spiral deflector body composition, combustion air and gas channel formed in the burner swirl of DC, the gas and air mixture more uniform combustion effect is more ideal, but also by controlling the flow of how much wind so that the burner flame shape self-regulation based on production. Combustion system is also equipped with automatic purge relief, emergency shut-off and other measures, safe and reliable .


Cement plant industry dolomite active lime rotary kiln 2


Spec Output(t/h) Rev(rpm) Pedestal Number Reducer Electricmotor Powe(kW)
Ф1.6x32m 2.0 0.58-2.85 3 ZQ75-50 YCT250-4A 18.5
Ф1.6/1.9x36m 2.5-3.0 0.53-1.59 3 ZQ110-7 YCT250-4B 22
Ф1.9x39m 3.0-3.4 0.53-1.59 3 ZQ125-7 YCT315-4A 37
Ф2.2x45m 4.0-5.0 0.21-1.64 3 hostZS125-5 hostYCT315-4B 45
assistZQ40-40 assistY112M-4 4
Ф3.2x50m 1000 0.79-3.94 3 hostNZS955-28VBR hostZSN4-280-21B 160
assistZL50-9-2 assistY180L-6 15
Ф3.2x64m 8.0-10.0 0.40-1.50 4 hostZL130-16 hostZSN-280-11B 190
assistZL50-10 assistY180L-4 22
Ф3.2x118m 17.0 0.29-1.46 6 hostJH500C-SW-71 hostZ4-250-31 110
assistZL50-8-1 assistY160L-6 11
Ф3.3x50m 1000 0.36-3.57 3 hostNZS995-40-VBL hostZSN4-280-21B 160
assist NZS352-31.5 assistY160M-4 11
Ф3.8x58m 20.8 0.4-1.5 3 hostZSY500-40 hostzsn-315-072 250
assistZL50-14 assisty180L-4 22
Ф4.0x60m 25 0.4-1.5 3 hostZSY630-35.5 hostZSN4-355-092 315
assistZL65-16 assistY200L-4 30
Ф4.0x80m 29.17 0316-1.528 4 hostJH560C-SW-71 hostZSN4-280-11B 160
assistZL50-9-1 assistY180L-6 15
Ф4.0/3.5/4.0x150m 30.4 0.34-1.71 6 hostJH560C-SW-56-1/2 hostZSN4-280-11B 2X125
assistZL50-10-1/2 assistY160L-6 2X11
Ф4.0x150m 33.3 0.51-1.53 6 hostJH560C-SW-63-1/2 hostZSN4-280-11B 2X125
assistZL60-12-1/2 assistY160L-6 2X11
Ф4.0x150m 30.0-34.0 0.40-1.59 6 hostJH800C-SW-90 hostZSN4-355-092 280
assistJH280-SW-40 assistY200L-4 30
Ф4.7x72m 4000 0.35-3.50 3 hostZSY710-28-V hostZ4-400-32 550
assistZL60-7-2 assistY200L-4 30

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