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300TPD Cement Plant Machinery , Rotary Kiln Cement Plant Custom Voltage

300TPD Cement Plant Machinery , Rotary Kiln Cement Plant Custom Voltage

cement production plant

cement plant equipment

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Cement Making Machine

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Cement Production
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AC Motor
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China 300tpd cement plant machinery


ZK CORP Building Materials& architectural design research institute base on the foundation of imported technologies, absorbing others successful experience from domestic and abroad, through a series of experimental research work, Cement Production Line Rotary Kilnwe successfully complete the systemic development and research work of preheater and precalciner with independent intellectual property rights, finally we got the ability to provide a series of equipment of 600 ~ 8000 T/D cement clinker production. Our preheating& precalciner system has a series of unique technical characteristics, such as low resistance, high decomposed rate, high fuel adaptability, good anti clogging performance, high operational flexibility and reliable production.


Cement Production Line Rotary Kiln

The cement production line (cement plant) is a cement equipment production line composed by a series of equipment. This production line mainly consists of the process of crushing and prehomogenization, raw materials homogenizing, preheating decomposition, cement clinker firing, cement grinding & packaging.


The main equipments used in this whole production line include the vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, cement ball mill lifer, preheating system, cement rotary kiln and packing machine and so on. All the cement equipment in this line can be provided by our factory.


We provide the full range service including design, manufacturing, installation for new type dry method cement production line with capacity from 50t/d to 3000t/d.
Process of Cement Production Plant:


Professional 100-2000TPD cement making plant, cement plant machinery for sale


Professional 100-2000TPD cement making plant, cement plant machinery for sale


Professional 100-2000TPD cement making plant, cement plant machinery for sale

1. Crushing and Pre-homogenizing:

(1) Most of the raw materials, like limestone, clay, iron ores, and coal, should be crushed before their pre-homogenization. Limestone is the primary material in this line, and due to its large particle size and high hardness, its good crushing plays an important role in the whole line. Special stacking and reclaiming technology has been used in the pre-homogenizing process so that raw materials can be better primarily homogenized.

(2)Raw material homogenizing: raw materials pre homogenizing is in the material piling up, by stacker to incoming raw materials continuously in a certain way piled material layer as much as possible parallel to each other, the upper and lower overlap and the same thickness. When, in the direction perpendicular to the material layer, as far as possible at the same time, cut off all material layer, in turn cut, until taken the end, namely "tile straight". The raw material yard has the functions of storage and homogenization


2. raw material preparation:

(1) Raw materials: raw ingredients with limestone, sandstone, iron ore, four flyash base ingredient database (or other special materials library), base bottom are respectively provided with a weighing feeder, quantitative various materials are given according to the requirements of the production process ratio. By the belt conveyor into vertical mill system for grinding.

(2) Raw material grinding: the material through the lock feeding device by a feeding chute to disc center, under the action of centrifugal force was thrown to the edge of the grinding disc delivered by grinding roller rolling mill, the crushed materials from the disc edge overflow, is from the nozzle speed upward with the hot air flow drying up, according to the airflow velocity different, part of the material was taken to the air high efficiency separator, coarse powder after separation, returned to the grinding table, re grinding; fine powder qualified with gas out flow after grinding and increasing dust mixed wet tower and electric dust collection, through the chute, the bucket is sent to the raw meal homogenizing silo within elevator and storage.


3. Raw meterial homogenizing:

Raw meal in a downward landed, with air agitation, gravity, produce "funnel effect", try to cut the multilayer surface, fully mixed. The use of fluidized air different, make the base surface occurred in parallel streams of different sizes of expansion effect, some regional discharge, some regional flow, so that the base surface is generated within the tilt, radial mixing. In the production process of cement raw meal composition, stable pit entry is the stability of clinker burning premise of thermal system, raw meal homogenizing system plays a stable raw ingredients into the cellar of the final control action.


4, Pre-heater and pre-calciner

The raw material preheating and partial decomposition of the pre heater to complete part function, instead of the rotary kiln, the kiln to shorten the length of back, at the same time in the furnace to the accumulation state of gas feed heat transfer process, moved to the inner suspension pre heater condition, the raw hot gas can be exhausted with the kiln are fully mixed, increases the gas material the contact area, fast heat transfer speed, high heat exchange efficiency, improve the production efficiency of kiln system, reduce the heat consumption of clinker burning purpose.

(1) the main function is to make full use of the pre heater kiln and pre calciner exhaust waste heat heating the raw material, the raw preheating and partial decomposition of carbonates. In order to maximize the efficiency of heat exchange between the solid and gas, to realize high quality, high yield, low consumption of the burning system, must have the solid gas uniform dispersion, heat quickly and efficient separation of the three functions.

(2) pre decomposition: pre decomposition technique is a technical leap in cement calcining process. It is between the pre heater and calciner and rotary kiln kiln tail added by rising flue, a fuel injection device, an endothermic process to make fuel combustion exothermic process and raw material of carbonate decomposition, in the decomposition furnace with suspended or fluidized state quickly, so the raw meal decomposition rate increased to 90% the above. The original is in rotary kiln carbonate decomposition tasks, moved to the decomposition furnace; fuel mostly from the calciner to join, in part by adding less kiln head, reduce the heat load of the kiln calcining belt, prolonging lining life, is conducive to mass production; because of fuel and raw material mixing, fuel the heat of combustion of timely delivery to the material, so that the combustion, heat transfer and carbonate decomposition process optimized. So it has high quality, efficient, low consumption and a series of excellent performance and characteristics.


5. Clinker burning:

The raw material is completed in the cyclone pre heater in preheater and precalciner, into the rotary kiln in the clinker burning. In rotary kiln is further decomposed rapidly and carbonate solid phase reaction of a series of cement clinker, generate AC3, AFC4, SC2 and other minerals. With the material temperature rise near C01300, AC3, AFC4, SC2 and other minerals will become liquid,dissolved in liquid SC2 and CaO reaction to generate a large amount ofSC3 (clinker). The clinker burning, the temperature began to decrease. Finally by the cement clinker cooling machine high temperature clinker cooling rotary kiln unloading to storage the set temperature for storage, sensible heat and recovery of high temperature clinker, improve system heat efficiency and the quality of clinker.


6. cement mixing station:

Cement clinker, gypsum, station auxiliary materials storehouse, the guideline is respectively provided with weighing feeder, will give quantitative various materials according to the set ratio. Library side of clinker proportioning librarythe other with clinker bulk facilities, for external use of clinker. Material feeding metering equipment according to the proportion of discharge, by belt conveyor sent to the ball mill for grinding.


7. cement grinding:

Cement grinding is the final process of cement manufacture, but also the most power hungry process. The main materials through the cement clinker (and gelling agent, performance adjustment material etc.) grinding to appropriate particle size (in fineness, specific surface area, such that the outlet material) by the bucket elevator into high efficiency separator in the sorting, coarse powder grinding to grinding, cement products by the air box. Pulse bag type dust collector to collect after by air transport chute, bucket elevator sent to a repository.Professional 100-2000TPD cement making plant, cement plant machinery for sale

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