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Fertilizer Making Machine 60TPH Rotary Drum Granulator Granulation Equipment

Fertilizer Making Machine 60TPH Rotary Drum Granulator Granulation Equipment

60TPH Granulation Equipment

Drum organic fertilizer granulator

60TPH Fertilizer Making Machine

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Model Number:

1x6 - 2.0x20

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Product Details
Brand Name:
ZK Corp
Product Name:
Organic Fertilizer Making Machine / Drum Granulation Equipment
Production Capacity:
5-60 (t/h)
Organic Fertilizer
Business Scope:
Design, Manufacturer, Onsite Guidance
Scope Of Application:
Sludge Ceramsite, Clay Ceramsite, And Shale Sludge Ceramsite.
Local Voltage
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 Set
Packaging Details
Delivery Time
Payment Terms
L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability
30 Set / Sets per Month
Product Description
Fertilizer Making Machine 60TPH Rotary Drum Granulator Granulation Equipment

The Applications of Drum Granulation Equipment:
Any process that aggregates finely divided materials into larger entities can be called a granulation process. In different industries, this operation has different terms, such as spheroidization, granulation, powder pressing, and so on. Although pulverization can also make large materials into granular materials with a certain size distribution, this is the reverse process of granulation.


The Advantages of Drum Granulation Equipment:

The use of granular materials instead of fine powder materials, in many industrial applications, can generally achieve greater benefits:
1. Reduce material loss (such as powder compaction);
2. Reduce the harmfulness of irritating fine powder materials (flaky caustic soda);
3. Improve the fluidity of materials (ceramic and clay granulation feed);
4. Increase the loose packing density of materials to facilitate storage and transportation;
5. prevent the formation of solid blocks (fertilizer granulation);
6. Convenient for metering and batching, quantitative packaging and taking (tablets, synthetic resin, furnace feed);
7. Convenient to form a solid mixture (feed, sinter ore) without west west blending;
8. Convenient to control product properties, solubility, porosity, specific surface, etc. (food, catalyst, adsorbent);
9. Improve the appearance of the product and obtain the desired structural shape (food, workpiece);
10.Multi-component powder separation (selective agglomeration of pulverized coal).


Drum Granulation Equipment Specifications:

Model Cylinder





Overall Dimensions




Rotating Speed

Slope (°)
Ø1×6 Ø1×6 5 3.5 5.5 6000×1358×2535
Ø1×15 Ø1×15 5 3.5 7.5 15000×1358×2535
Ø1.2×15 Ø1.2×15 5 3.5 15 15000×1558×2735
Ø1.2×20 Ø1.2×20 5 3.5 15 20000×1558×2735
Ø1.5×10 Ø1.5×10 5 3.5 15 10000×1858×3035
Ø1.5×14 Ø1.5×14 5 3.5 15 14000×1858×3035
Ø1.5×18 Ø1.5×18 5 3.5 18.5 18000×1858×3035
Ø1.8×16 Ø1.8×16 3-5 3.5 22 16000×1858×3035
Ø1.8×20 Ø1.8×20 3-5 3.5 22 20000×2158×3335
Ø2.0×16 Ø2.0×16 3-5 3 22 16000×3340×3420
Ø2.0×20 Ø2.0×20 3-5 3 30 20000×3340×3420

Fertilizer Making Machine 60TPH Rotary Drum Granulator Granulation Equipment 0Fertilizer Making Machine 60TPH Rotary Drum Granulator Granulation Equipment 1 


Drum Granulation Equipment Working Principle:
The drum granulator is composed of under frame, cyclinder, driving device, support & catch roller, coupling shaft etc. The chain wheel drive support & catch roller by reducer at working, the inclined cycliner slow rotating by support & catch roller under the friction force, the mixed material risen through the cycliner wall by friction force and centrifugal force, then rolling down by gravity. It will rolling into a ball by relative movement betwenn the rolling down material and rising material, the balls moving to the lower side from higher side along cycliner axis when the balls rolling along the circumference, then the final grain discharged at lower side.

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