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Dry Type Rotatry Cylinder 280t/H Cement Grinding Mill

Dry Type Rotatry Cylinder 280t/H Cement Grinding Mill

  • High Light

    280t/H Cement Grinding Mill


    Dry Cement Grinding Mill


    280t/H dolomite grinding mill

  • Product Name
    Ball Mill Grinder/Cement Mill Large Capacity
  • Model
  • Capacity
    5-280 (t/h)
  • Grinding Type
    Dry Type And Wet Type
  • Applied Material
    Cement, Power Plant
  • Solution
  • Installation
    Under Supervision Of Our Engineer
  • Advantage
    High Degree Of Automation
  • Equipment Condition
  • Voltage
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 Set
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
  • Delivery Time
    45 days
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability
    10 Set / Sets per Month

Dry Type Rotatry Cylinder 280t/H Cement Grinding Mill

Energy-Saving And High Capacity Ball Mill Grinder/Cement Mill Large Capacity


Ball Mill Grinder Introduction:

After the material is crushed by a crushing machine (coarse, medium and fine crushing), the particle size of the material is between 8-20mm. In order to meet the fineness requirements required by the production process, the crushed material must also be ground by a grinding machine. Grinding is an important process in modern industrial production.


Grinding operations are required in industrial sectors such as mineral processing, building materials, cement, coal, chemical, electric power, light industry and metallurgy. Ball mills, vertical mills, jet mills and other mills are one of the important equipment in these industrial sectors. .


Dry Type Rotatry Cylinder 280t/H Cement Grinding Mill 0


Ball mills are the most widely used. The main component of this type of pulverizer is a slowly rotating cylinder, which contains grinding media. Because the ball mill has a simple and firm structure, reliable operation, simple maintenance and management, and long-term continuous operation, It has strong adaptability to materials, large crushing ratio (up to 300 or more) and large production capacity, so it can meet the needs of modern large-scale industrial production.


Ball Mill Grinder Advantages:

1. Maintain the uniform and continuous delivery of materials to the ball mill to ensure that the equipment is constantly feeding and not blocking;


2. The inlet and outlet can be adjusted freely, and this should be used in a timely manner to further increase the output;


3. The ball mill using steel balls as the grinding medium can appropriately increase the grinding area or increase the number of steel balls to increase the output;


Dry Type Rotatry Cylinder 280t/H Cement Grinding Mill 1

4. Add grinding aids in the mill to effectively improve its production capacity;

5. It adopts high-quality motor as its core component, so it has greater production capacity and higher working efficiency, so the output can also meet user standards.

6. Due to the very reasonable structure design, its working stability is relatively strong, which is one of the reasons for its high working efficiency and high output.

7. The failure rate is almost zero. Some customers report that there is no process failure within two years of work, so it can successfully complete the task.


Dry Type Rotatry Cylinder 280t/H Cement Grinding Mill 2


Model (m) Capacity (t/h)


Revolving Speed



Grinding Media Loading


Motor Gear Box











Φ2.2×6.5 8-9 21.4 30 JRQ158-8 YR630-8 380 ZD70-9 5 46.2
Φ2.2×6.5 14 Closed circuit 21.4 30 JRQ158-8 YR630-8 380 ZD70-9 5 46.2
Φ2.2×7 12 21.4 30 JR158-8 380 ZD70-9 5 54
Φ2.2×7.5 13 21.4 32 JR158-8 380 ZD70-9 5 63
Φ2.2×8 11-12 21.4 37 JR158-8 380 ZD70-9 5 65
Φ2.2×9.5 14-16 Closed circuit 21.4 43 JR1510-8 475 ZD70-9 5 70
Φ2.2×13 16 20.3 55 YR630-8/1180 Y100L-8



JD630 ZS82.5-7