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Sludge Ceramsite Industries 50TPH rotary drum granulator

Sludge Ceramsite Industries 50TPH rotary drum granulator

50TPH fertilizer granulator machine

50TPH Rotary Drum Granulator

Ceramsite rotary drum granulator

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Rotary drum granulator

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Product Details
Brand Name:
ZK Corp
Product Name:
Shaping Machine
Production Capacity:
3-50 (t/h)
Roller Diameter:
Extruded Ball From A Pair Of Roll Pelletizer
Business Scope:
Design, Manufacturer, Onsite Guidance
Scope Of Application:
Sludge Ceramsite, Clay Ceramsite, And Shale Sludge Ceramsite.
Shipping Port:
Shanghai, Qingdao, Tianjin
Motor Type:
AC Motor
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 Set
Packaging Details
Delivery Time
Payment Terms
L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability
30 Set / Sets per Month
Product Description
Widely Used In Ceramsite Industries Shaping Machine Reliable Performance / Granulator Equipmen
Shaping Machine Equipment Introduction:

The shaping machine (secondary granulator) is a kind of secondary granulation equipment that rounds the raw material balls produced by the roller granulator and screens and removes burrs and scraps. It is mainly composed of a transmission device, a support device, and a roller. , Screen and other components, with stable operation, low noise, high efficiency, reliable performance, convenient maintenance, etc.

Sludge Ceramsite Industries 50TPH rotary drum granulator 0
Outstanding advantages:
1. The equipment structure is simple and easy to operate;
2. The screen design is convenient to replace and easy to maintain;
3. The equipment has high degree of automation, high production efficiency and large processing capacity;
4. Good granulation and high screening rate;


Sludge Ceramsite Industries 50TPH rotary drum granulator 1


Working Principle:
The raw material balls coming out of the roller granulation mechanism are sent to the feed inlet of the shaping machine by the slide pipe, and the material moves axially and radially along the cylinder wall in the roller of the shaping machine. The material is gradually rounded by the radial force of the roller in the cylinder, and the excess burrs are separated. When the material passes through the screen part, the rolled burr and dry material are agglomerated into a dense and hard mass (cake material) under pressure, which is called the extrusion process; the cake material is crushed and sieved to become granular material. Granulation process. The function of squeezing is to squeeze out the air between the particles, and to make the distance between the particles close enough to generate attractive forces such as van der Waals force, adsorption force, crystal bridges and embedded connections. The granules produced by extrusion granulation are mainly the strength of the granules formed by the force between molecules.


Sludge Ceramsite Industries 50TPH rotary drum granulator 2



Model Cylinder





Overall Dimensions




Rotating Speed

Slope (°)
Ø1×6 Ø1×6 5 3.5 5.5 6000×1358×2535
Ø1×15 Ø1×15 5 3.5 7.5 15000×1358×2535
Ø1.2×15 Ø1.2×15 5 3.5 15 15000×1558×2735
Ø1.2×20 Ø1.2×20 5 3.5 15 20000×1558×2735
Ø1.5×10 Ø1.5×10 5 3.5 15 10000×1858×3035
Ø1.5×14 Ø1.5×14 5 3.5 15 14000×1858×3035
Ø1.5×18 Ø1.5×18 5 3.5 18.5 18000×1858×3035
Ø1.8×16 Ø1.8×16 3-5 3.5 22 16000×1858×3035
Ø1.8×20 Ø1.8×20 3-5 3.5 22 20000×2158×3335
Ø2.0×16 Ø2.0×16 3-5 3 22 16000×3340×3420
Ø2.0×20 Ø2.0×20 3-5 3 30 20000×3340×3420

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