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Fly Ash Ø2.0×20 Drum 30t/H Granulation Equipment

Fly Ash Ø2.0×20 Drum 30t/H Granulation Equipment

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    30t/H Granulation Equipment


    Ø2.0×20 Granulation Equipment


    30t/H rotary drum granulator

  • Product Name
    Ø2.0×20 Drum Granulator Equipment
  • Brand Name
    ZK Corp
  • Model
    Φ1x6 - Φ2.0×20 (m)
  • Capacity
    2 - 30 (t/h)
  • Motor Power
  • Application
    Fly Ash, Clay, Ceramsite Sand Granulation
  • Rotating Speed
  • Business Scope
    Design, Manufacturer, Onsite Guidance
  • Condition
  • Shipping Port
    Shanghai, Qingdao, Tianjin
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  • Certification
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    Rotary drum granulator
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 Set
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  • Payment Terms
    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability
    30 Set / Sets per Month

Fly Ash Ø2.0×20 Drum 30t/H Granulation Equipment

Ø2.0×20 Drum Granulator Equipment Large Capacity Reliable Performance
Drum Granulator Equipment Introduction:

Before building ceramsite production line, we should first understand the local environmental protection requirements for kiln emissions, focusing on the emission standards for dust content, nitrogen oxides, sulfides, and odors. Then, according to local environmental protection standards, exhaust gas treatment system that meets local requirements is designed.


When designing an exhaust gas treatment system, it is necessary to consider the fuel problem, because the components of the exhaust gas are completely different from the burnt rice bran, coal, and natural gas. These must be fully analyzed and understood before construction, and the influence of raw materials, fuels and working conditions on the composition of the flue gas must be fully considered.


When designing rotary kiln, it is necessary to consider the combination of kiln tail temperature and flue gas treatment methods, because there are many gases, which are closely related to temperature, such as dioxins, nitrogen removal, dust removal, and desulfurization.

Fly Ash Ø2.0×20 Drum 30t/H Granulation Equipment 0
(1) The granulating ratio of the machine is up to 70%. The small part of feeding back material can be granulated again.
(2) The cylinder body adopts rubber plate lining structure which makes it difficult for raw material to agglomerate.
(3) It can remove scars and peel burls automatically.
(4) It has the advantages of high intensity of granules, high quality, corrosion-resistant, abrasion proof, low energy consumption, long service lifespan, easy maintenance and operation, etc.


Φ3*11m Rotary Granulator for NPK Fertilizer Plant in Brazil


Working Principle:
Granulation drums work by tumbling material in a rotating drum, typically in the presence of a binder. The binder causes the fines to become tacky and allows them to pick up additional fines, forming agglomerates in a process referred to as coalescence. The tumbling action helps to round the agglomerates and create a homogenous mixture.


Fly Ash Ø2.0×20 Drum 30t/H Granulation Equipment 2



Model Cylinder





Overall Dimensions




Rotating Speed

Slope (°)
Ø1×6 Ø1×6 5 3.5 5.5 6000×1358×2535
Ø1×15 Ø1×15 5 3.5 7.5 15000×1358×2535
Ø1.2×15 Ø1.2×15 5 3.5 15 15000×1558×2735
Ø1.2×20 Ø1.2×20 5 3.5 15 20000×1558×2735
Ø1.5×10 Ø1.5×10 5 3.5 15 10000×1858×3035
Ø1.5×14 Ø1.5×14 5 3.5 15 14000×1858×3035
Ø1.5×18 Ø1.5×18 5 3.5 18.5 18000×1858×3035
Ø1.8×16 Ø1.8×16 3-5 3.5 22 16000×1858×3035
Ø1.8×20 Ø1.8×20 3-5 3.5 22 20000×2158×3335
Ø2.0×16 Ø2.0×16 3-5 3 22 16000×3340×3420
Ø2.0×20 Ø2.0×20 3-5 3 30 20000×3340×3420