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Gold Ore Beneficiation Plant Flotation Machine Easy Adjustable Reasonable Structure

Gold Ore Beneficiation Plant Flotation Machine Easy Adjustable Reasonable Structure

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Iron ore flotation machine

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Gold Ore Beneficiation Plant Flotation Machine
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Gold Ore Beneficiation Plant Flotation Machine Easy Adjustable Reasonable Structure



Flotation Machine is mainly used for separating copper, zinc, lead, nickel, gold and other non-ferrous metals, and it can also be used for ferrous metals and non-metallic rough and refined. Our company mainly supply BF Series Flotation Machine, XCF/KYF Series Flotation Machine, Aerated Flotation Machine etc.

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Our Advantages:
According to the aeration and stirring methods, the flotation machines currently produced in China can be divided into three types

1. Mechanical Agitation Flotation Machine
External air self-priming flotation machine is generally an upper gas suction type, that is, sucking air near the mechanical stirring device 1n the lower part of the flotation tank. The aeration and agitation of ore pulp are all accomplished by a mechanical stirring device composed of impeller and stator. According to the type of mechanical stirring device. the flotation machine can be divided into different models, such as XJ type. SF type. GF type. etc. It has advantages of air and ore pulp self- priming . easy to achieve self-return when the middling returns, less auxiliary equipment, neat equipment configuration, simple operation and maintenance etc. The disadvantages are the small amount of aeration, high power consumption, easily wear. etc


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2. Pneumatic Agitation Flotation Machine
It not only has mechanical agitating device but also can use the outside special blower to blow air into the machine forcibly. However, the mechanical agitation generally just takes effect in agitating ore pulp and distributing air. Air enters into the machine mainly by outside blower's pressure. The aeration and agitation of ore pulp are separated. Therefore. compared with general mechanical agitation flotation machine. it has the features as follows: Aeration quantity can be adjusted according to requirement, easily adjusted and keep stable, which is consequently benefit for improving processing capacity and beneficiation index: Impeller doesn't take effect in air suction, so rotating speed is low. power consumption is less, abrasion is little, mud phenomenon of brittle mineral will not be happened easily: Power consumption is lower because of large processiing capacity, shadow trough. etc.The defect is that a set of compressed air system needs to be added. When intermediate product returning back, it needs to be lifted to convey by sand pump. This series of flotation machine has the models of KYF. BS-Kand so on

3. Pneumatic Flotation Machine
Its features are that no mechanical stirrer and no transmission parts, and the air for inflation is provided by specially designed blower. The flotation column belongs to this type of flotation machine. It has advantages of simple structure and easy to manufacture. The disadvantage is that there is no stirrer, which will affect the flotation effect. It easily casue calcrete when inflating air, which is not conductive to air dispersion.

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BF Series Flotation Machine

model Volume(m3) Cell size(mm) Impeller Dia.(mm) Capacity(m3/min) Power(kw)
BF-0.37 0.37 740x740x750 286 0.2-0.4 1.5/1.1
BF-0.65 0.65 850x950x900 300 0.3-0.7 3/1.1
BF-1.2 1.2 1050x1150x1100 450 0.6-1.2 5.5/1.1
BF-2.0 2 1400x1450x1120 500 1-2 7.5/1.1
BF-2.8 2.8 1650x1650x1150 550 1.4-3 11/1.5
BF-4 4 1900x2000x1200 650 2-4 15/1.5
BF-6 6 2200x2350x1300 700 3-6 18.5/1.5
BF-8 8 2250x2850x1400 760 4-8 30/1.5
BF-10 10 2250x2850x1700 760 5-10 30/1.5
BF-16 16 2850x3800x1700 850 8-16 37/1.5
BF-20 20 2850x3800x2000 850 10-20 37/1.5
BF-24 24 3150x4150x2000 920 12-24 45/1.5


XCF/KYF Series Flotation Machine

Model Volume (m3) Cell Size (mm) Impeller Dia. (mm) Impeller Speed (r/min) Capacity (m3/min) Power (kw)
XCF/KYF 1 1000x1000x1100 400/340 358/281 0.2-1 5.5/4/1.1
XCF/KYF 2 1300x1300x1250 470/410 331/247 0.4-2 7.5/5.5/1.1
XCF/KYF 3 1600x1600x1400 540/480 266/219 0.6-3 11/7.5/1.5
XCF/KYF 4 1800x1800x1500 620/550 215/200 1.2-4 15/11/1.5
XCF/KYF 6 2050x2050x1750 620/550 215/200 3-6 15/11/1.5
XCF/KYF 50 4400x4400x3500 1200/1030 134 10-40 90/75/1.5
XCF/KYF 70 5100x5100x3800 1120/1120 121 13-50 90/90/1.5
XCF/KYF 100 5900x5900x4200 1260/1260   20-60 132/110/1.5


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