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Waste Residue Incineration Project in Hubei


Latest company news about Waste Residue Incineration Project in Hubei

Project Overview:

Project Location: Hubei Yihua, China

Construction unit: Hubei Yihua Insurance Powder Factory

Product Name: Waste residue incineration

Production Capacity: 16t / h

Services: rotary kiln, two combustion chamber design, manufacture, installation and commissioning.


Project Description:

In this project, the rotary kiln is used to incinerate the waste residue. Since the waste residue generates dioxins during incineration, it is necessary to set up a secondary combustion chamber at the kiln end of the rotary kiln to eliminate dioxins in the flue gas.


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Equipment Parameter:

1. Rotary kiln

Power: 380V / 50Hz / 3φ, motor energy level IE2, insulation class F, protection class IP54, explosion-proof grade dII BT.

Kiln specifications: Φ2200X18000 (mm)

Equipment slope: 3: 100

Kiln main material: Q345R

Kiln head and kiln tail seal form: fish scales plus labyrinth

Support form: two support

Transmission: single-ended two-stage drive, pinion supported by a double bearing

Operating temperature of rotary kiln: 600 ℃ ~ 700 ℃

Lining requirements: 200mm mullite brick +100 insulation layer


2. Two combustion chamber

Two burning chamber material: Q345

Two combustion chamber operating temperature: 1100 ℃


Main Equipment:

No. Equipment Name Model Qty

1 Rotary Kiln Φ2.2×18m 1 Set

2 Two combustion chamber adaptation 1 Set

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