Turkey dead burnt magnesite and dolomite plant

June 11, 2020

Turkey dead burnt magnesite and dolomite plant

Country: Turkey
Project Name: Dead Burnt Magnesite
Contact Date: October, 2011
Main Equipment: Φ3/3.5x88m Rotary Kiln, Φ3x36m Cooler
Capacity: 12tph
Application: Refractory Materials
Estimate Finished Time: April, 2013


The owner of this project is the leading manufacturer of refractory materials in middle-east area. The raw materials magnesite and dolomite calcined in Rotary Kiln with 1800℃ temperature. Finished products mainly used for produce refractory materials.


1. High quality products and high capacity output.
2. Stable production and safety operation.
3. Rotary Kiln has simple structure and controllable, which are easy for operation and maintenance.