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Oil Sludge Calcination Project in Xinjiang


Latest company news about Oil Sludge Calcination Project in Xinjiang

Project Introduction:

Project Location: Turpan, Xinjiang, China

Construction unit: Xinjiang Biqing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

Product Name: Oil Sludge Calcination

Production scale: 1.5 tons per day

Service Range: From raw material feeding, calcination, cooling to environmental dust collection system, equipment supply, equipment installation and commissioning, and other technical services.


Project Description

In July 2018, Xinjiang Biqing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. began to conduct screening investigations on the manufacturers of sludge calcination production lines. After nearly one month of discussion, they finally determined that our company is the equipment supplier, and the supply contract was officially signed in July, 2018. This project is an environmental protection project for the treatment of oil sludge. The daily processing capacity is 1.5 ton. The project is located in Shanshan County, Turpan City. The purpose of the project is to treat sludge. Due to the material characteristics of the production line, the materials are required to be clean and environmentally friendly during the process of transportation. In view of the above characteristics, our engineers customize the appropriate production equipment and process for the owners, to achieve the satisfaction of the owners.


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Production Process

The raw material is an organic oil sludge.

The process of producing ceramsite in this production line is: feeding system→calcining system→gas processing system.

The oil sludge in the silo is transported from the feeding system to the shaftless screw conveyor, and enters the rotary kiln through the shaftless screw conveyor. Since the cylinder is slowly rotating under the inclination of 3.5% slope, the material in the cylinder moves from the high end (feeding device) to the low end (discharging device) in the axial direction of the cylinder while the cylinder rotates. The natural gas burner is equipped on the kiln head cover of the rotary kiln (discharge end). The high temperature gas by flame combustion and the material from the kiln end are fully exchanged and flowed from the kiln head (low end) to the kiln tail (high end). The heat is transferred to the material by convection and conduction, and the wet material is dried and calcined during the moving process. Exhaust gas generated enters the exhaust gas treatment system through the exhaust pipe at the kiln tail cover. The calcined high temperature material enters the single cylinder cooler, and after cooling, it is transported by the belt conveyor to the next process.


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