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Magnesium project for POSCO, Korea


Latest company news about Magnesium project for POSCO, Korea

Brief Introduction

Location:South Korea

Project name:Mg Smelting Plant with capacity of 10000tpa

Project kick off:End of 2006

Contact with ZK Corp. begins from: Oct 2009

E&P Contract signed in: Jul 2011

Key facilities:8-Pusher Pre-heater, Φ3×50 Rotary kiln, Φ2.4×20m Rotary cooler, Φ2.4×7m Ball mill and briquetter, etc.

Raw materials: Dolomite, Ferro-silicon and Fluorite.

Output: 10000tpa Magnesium ingot

Application of product: Mg alloys

Plant start-up in: Jun 2012


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Design Philosophy

1. Application of state-of-the-art process of preheating, calcinations, cooling, grinding and briquetting in the design.

2. Taking into consideration of strict environment protection requirements from the customer and regulations from the local government bureaus and dust collection systems are applied in every dust generation workshops to try to control the waste emission in the plant, which is very near to the coastal sightseeing area.

3. Area-saving and smart arrangement of the plant layout.

4. Recyclable steel structure for supporting the pre-heater and other equipments.

5. Safety facilities and painting designed to meet the terms of local regulations.

6. “Two first”: The first Silicothermic Process Mg smelting plant in South Korea. The first place in auto control level.


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Project Review

The customer kicked off the project by the end of 2006. And visited many excellent Mg smelting plants and plant equipment manufacturers through out China under the cooperation with many experts from institutes and engineering companies.

We began the contact with the customer about this project in Oct 2009, and signed E&P contract with them in Jul 2011.

After contract signing, we organized a project team for this project. The team visited the project site in South Korea, and exchanged with the engineers from the customer in Shanghai, Taiyuan and Korea for many times. Raw material inspection, processing inspection, schedule control, shop test, transportation and supervision of installation and commissioning were well planned and executed.

The out sourcing and manufacturing were successfully completed within 4 months and won the satisfaction of the customer and the third inspection party, like TUV.

Our project team supervised the container loading in Tianjin and Qingdao ports, where the temperature is minus 10. They suffered a lot but finally shipped out all the goods in time.

After the arrival of the goods at the project site, we dispatched our people to check the package conditions together with customer.

Due to the close cooperation with the customer and experience in Mg smelting industry, the project saw a successful start up by the end of June 2012.

During not only the warranty period, but also after the period expired, our after sale service personnel kept tracking on this project and paid a visit to the plant on June 2013 to communicate with the technicians and engineers from the end users about the problems they met and offered our solutions and suggestions.

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