Gengsheng International Corporation Oil fracturing proppant project.

June 11, 2020

Gengsheng International Corporation Oil fracturing proppant project.

Ⅰ Brief Introduction

Country: China

Company: Gengsheng International Corporation

Equipment: 2 sets rotary kilns, 2 sets coolers


Ⅱ Project Description

Gengsheng International Corporation is the overseas-funded enterprise listed in American main version, stock code: CHGS. Established in 1986, already formed four industry of refractories, oil and gas fracturing proppant, silicon carbide powder materials and structural ceramics after 25 years developed, it has five wholly-owned subsidiaries, one refractories research institute and one Henan province unshaped refractory engineering technology center. Zhengzhou Duesail Fracture Proppants Co.,Ltd (American listed company) is the wholly-owned subsidiary of China Gengsheng International Corporation, it is a new high-tech enterprise with professional manufacturer of oil fracturing proppant using ceramic sands in foundry industry. Your company siged with our company for 60000 tons ceramic sands project in 5th March 2011, our company provide each 2 sets of rotary kiln and cooler to your compa