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Energy Saving Dust Collection Equipment , Baghouse Pulse Jet Bag Filter

Energy Saving Dust Collection Equipment , Baghouse Pulse Jet Bag Filter

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PPC Series

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Product Details
Product Name:
Dust Collection Equipment , Baghouse Pulse Jet Bag Filter
PPC Series Pulse Jet Bag Filter
Motor Type:
AC Motor
12 Months
Under Supervision Of Our Engineer
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1 Set
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Export standard container or as customers' requirements
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L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union
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10 Per Month
Product Description

Baghouse Pulse Jet Dust Collector / Bag Filter / Baghouse/ Dust Remove System

Pulse Jet Dust Collector Introduction:

PPC type air box pulse dust collector with the introduction of technology manufacturing. It combines the advantages of a sub-room cleaning and pulse cleaning of the baghouse, thereby expanding the scope of application of the baghouse and improve the collection efficiency, and extend the service life of the bag.

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Pulse Jet Dust Collector​ Features:

1. high dust control efficiency, generally more than 99.5%, dustiness at the outlet <20mg / m3.

2. Simple structure, easy maintenance.

3. Cost is lower than the electrostatic precipitator on the premise of ensuring the same high dust removal efficiency.

4.It can work under the high temperature above 200 ℃ when adopting the high temperature resistance filtration material of glass fiber, PTFE and P84 etc.

5. It is not sensitive to the characteristics of the dust, and it is not affected by dust and resistance.

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Pulse Jet Dust Collector​ Working Principle:

1. The dust-laden air enters the bag filter.
2. The dust /powder separates inside the bag filter chamber.
3. The air is uniformly distributed avoiding channelling while the powder is separated.
4. Initially a coat of material forms on the bags. Subsequently, the coat acts as the filtering medium.

5. The dust is accumulated on filter elements while the air passes through the filter bags from outside to inside
6. The accumulated powder is dislodged from the bags by reverse pulsejet air intermittently.


Energy Saving Dust Collection Equipment , Baghouse Pulse Jet Bag Filter 2


Pulse Jet Dust Collector​ Specifications:


Model PPC128-6 PPC128-9 PPC128-10 PPC128-2×6 PPC128-2×7 PPC128-2×8
Volume(m³/h) 67300 100900 112100 134600 157000 179400
Air speed(m/min) 1.2-2.0(Speed varies at different dust points)
Filtration area(㎡) 935 1402 1558 1869 2181 2492
Net filtration area(㎡) 779 1246 1402 1713 2025 2336
No. of bag(pc) 768 1152 1280 1536 1792 2084
Resistance(Pa) 1470-1770
Minus pressure(Pa) 7000
Dust content at inlet(g/m³) <1300
Dust emission(g/m³) ≤0.1
Compressed air Pressure(Pa) (5-7)×105
  Air consumption 3.6 5.4 6 7 8.3 9.5
Pulse valve Qty(pc) 12 18 20 24 28 32
Size 2-1/2″
Elevation valve Qty(pc) 6 9 10 12 14 16
  Size(mm) Valve Φ725,air tank Φ100
Discharge device YJD-26 Outlet 300×300mm Capacity 24m³/h Double flap valve 305×915
Screw conveyor Model Dia. Φ300,capacity 21m³/h N/A
Gearbox XWD2.2-5-1/43,power 2.2Kw N/A
Air slide Air slide 250mm,flow rate 2.0m³/㎡, Pressure 6860pa,If the dust content exceeds 700g/m³ at inlet, bag filter with big screw conveyor should be considered.
Bag size and material Dia.×lengthΦ130×3050,Gross weight of polyethylene felt 450g/㎡,temperature 120℃
Insulation area(㎡) 125 196 205 223 247 262
Total weight(approx.)(Kg) 24120 31680 34680 43920 52680 60000
Note 1: Net filtration area means the area of one chamber during dust removing.
2: The compressed air consumption is based on supply of compressed air pipe from an air compression station. The consumption should be considered to be 1.3 times more if the supply is provided by an independent air compressor.

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