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The structure and working principle of rotary kiln

  •  cylinder made by a rolling steel plate, tube body inlay puzzle refractory lining, and the provisions of the horizontal gradient, with support from the three wheel bearing unit in each block, in the vicinity of the feed-side wheel with a cross Cut to inside the cylinder with a spring ring gear plate, under which a pinion meshing with. Normal operation, the main drive motor to open by the main gear reducer to transmit power to drive the rotary kiln.

    Material from the kiln (the high end of the cylinder) into the kiln calcination. As the tilt cylinder and slowly rotating the role of both material rolling along the circumference and along the axial direction (from high to low) move on to complete its process, and finally, produce clinker kiln hood into the cooling by the cooling .

    Fuel is injected into the kiln from the kiln, combustion exhaust gas and material exchange, the export from the kiln. The design of non-fuel burner.

    In the structure of the kiln has the following main features:

    Simplified use of five to ensure that the mechanical properties (σa, σb, σ%, αk and cold test) of 20g, and Q235-B steel plate rolling, often using automatic welding. Cylinder wall thickness: usually 25mm, firing zone of 32mm, wheel taken off for the 65mm, the wheels taken off to cross the transition between paragraphs in 38mm thick, so that the cylinder design is more reasonable, both to ensure the cross-section rigidity and improved support device of the stress state. In the cylinder discharge end of a high temperature, wear-resistant shield kilns, kiln terminus of a meter long cylinder 1Cr18Ni9Ti steel production. One kiln shield composed of sub-grid with the cold sets sleeve space, chilling by cold air from the cooling kiln bell to barrel of non-face shield to benefit that part of the long-term safety, there are three sets in the cylinder rectangular solid tires. Tire plate and cylinder gap between the amount determined by the thermal expansion, when the normal operation of the kiln, the tire can be appropriately set in the cylinder to reduce cylinder radial deformation.

    Transmission system with a single drive, variable frequency motor drives hardened by the three cylindrical gear reducer, and then open the kiln drive gear, the gear coupling using plastic blocks to increase the transmission of smooth, connected with the security the auxiliary power transmission device, ensure the main power failure still drive the kiln operation, to prevent the tube bending and facilitate maintenance.

    4 kiln is sealed with Shell gas seal, labyrinth plus soft springs just double chip seal. Amount of cold air blowing through the bell guard cooling, cold air to drain away from the top after heating; by overlapping heat sealed flexible spring steel plate under compression sleeve cold body, to ensure that the kiln cylinder slightly There remain sealed when the deflection function.


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