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The cement rotary kiln structure and operating procedures

  • Rotary kiln according to different materials can be divided into cement kiln, metallurgy and chemical rotary kiln and rotary kiln for lime. One of the common cement rotary kiln, it is widely used in metallurgical, chemical, building refractory materials, environmental protection and other industrial. Cement rotary kiln cement clinker dry and wet production line main equipment.

    The cement rotary kiln:

    The cement rotary kiln is composed of a barrel body, supporting device, with a wheel support device, transmission device, movable kiln head, kiln tail sealing device of coal injection pipe device, etc.. Rotary kiln body and the horizontal slope, the whole kiln body consists of a supporting roller device support, and control the kiln body to move up and down the catch wheel device, transmission system in addition to set the main transmission, also set in the main power source is off can still make the kiln body to rotate kiln body, preventing bending deformation of the auxiliary transmission device, head of the kiln, kiln tail sealing device adopts advanced technology, ensure the sealing reliability. In the aspect of environmental protection, the cement rotary kiln using cement kilns burning hazardous waste, garbage, which not only makes the waste reduction, harmless, but also wastes as fuel utilization, saving coal, waste of resources.

    The cement rotary kiln structure and operation procedure of the:

    Cement rotary kiln feeding system is commonly used for belt conveyor, belt conveyor with large inclination, chain bucket conveyor, single bucket hoist, double bucket elevator, bucket elevator; discharging system with slat conveyor, heat-resistant conveyor, bucket chain conveyor, sealing effect in more than 90%, the raw material of limestone and finished lime to carry out metering and screening, and according to user needs, decide whether to take raw materials washed, refined lime in addition to iron, crushing, pressing process, raw materials and finished goods storage and transportation according to building location and requirements vary, all can with rotary kiln" three big machine" so as to realize the interlocking automatic operation, mainly the production of metal magnesium, bauxite, zinc oxide, active lime industry equipment production line products with output in unit volume is high, mainly responsible for a variety of industrial furnace design, construction of the installation, and commissioning turnkey projects in the engineering of large diameter, long, two short kiln the support of the kiln, which can reduce the kiln body of the movement amplitude, and saving the occupation; rotary kiln using variable frequency speed regulation motor driving the kiln body, and is provided with an auxiliary electric Machine, stable operation, easy regulation; kiln kiln is provided with a spring leaf type sealing structure, is simple and reliable, at the same time factory production of cement rotary kiln with its own research and development of the advanced kiln, the kiln head sealing device.

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