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Rod Mill


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    Product parameters
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    Device Name: rod mill 
    Important indicator of the device A: volume :0.92-2 .6 l 
    Description: rod mill is grinding the cylinder body of the load for the steel bar is named, the rod mill is generally used wet overflow type, can be used as an open-circuit grinding, samples were crushed one by one since not been sieve, mixed with silica dust and other harmful heavy operation. Automatic timer counting only the actual grinding time, time is not included in the middle of the blackout, grinding to the specified time will automatically shut down due to a fault with the safety of over-current protection devices automatically shut down, grinding is not required to hand in the machine next to the guard 
    Rod mill product use
    Rod mill can be widely used non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals, non-metallic mineral processing field and chemical, building materials and other industries use abrasive materials. Wet lattice-type, overflow type for wet grinding of ore hardness; dry lattice-type hardness for dry grinding of ores and materials.

    rod mill

    Rod mill performance characteristics

    1, This machine is designed to take a distinctive barrel, down-like, clean and dust unit, significantly reducing the operator's labor intensity and silica dust hazards. Changed in the past for the rod mill rod hit the craft. 
    2, low-noise fan and the rubber roller, significantly reduces operating noise, improved working conditions. 
    3, the wind pressure with mechanical brush cleaning, cleaned, each sample to avoid contamination, clean the dust generated, before the proliferation of concentrated in a small hood exhaust, thus greatly reducing the health hazards of dust. 
    4, the rod mill cylinder using elastic micro-cross arm lock structure lock solid, easy to operate, does not leak like, high efficiency, low noise, especially for samples broken gold better, test results are stable, the operating requirements not harsh. 
    Rod Mill composition
    Rod mill for the gear transmission mode, the center discharge. Mainly attributed to the following components: 
    1, feed unit 
    Feeding device is a boot-shaped hopper, feeding device connected to the flange and catchy to undertake the feeding of material, the bucket with no lining, natural materials, mainly by the accumulation of a certain slope to prevent the wear of lining material hopper, hopper Check the wall with a door, to form a round tube, inserted into the hollow shaft mounted on the spiral tube, the material into the mill to this. 
    2, rotating parts 
    Rotating part is a welded steel plate rolled the cylinder, respectively, and into the ends of bolts, a compound hollow shaft is connected, and the level of support in two main bearing, in progress, a compound that has the air shaft feed screw barrel. Rotating part of the cylinder through one end of the fixed ring gear, the pinion by means of reducer, motor and rotary. With the internal cylinder liner, both to protect the cylinder and play the steel bar to the appropriate height in order to improve the efficiency of the used sand. In order to prevent leakage from the liner bolt out ash, leaking cylinder liner bolts in the wall at close to twice asbestos rope should wrap (or blue linen with white lead in oil) in order to ensure sealing. Confucian cylinder with people, to prepare for discharge grinding repair replacement parts for use within the whole body. 
    3, a feeding device 
    Discharge device is made of a steel plate cover, take on water. 
    4, main bearing 
    Main bearing supporting the rotating parts, materials, and all the weight of steel bar, is to ensure the normal operation of the mill one of the main components. In the spherical seat bearing support, can play a role in self-defense to apply to manufacture and installation errors. Inside the bearing and bearing cooling water connected, this cooling system has cooled bearing both the cooling lubricant. Mill running bearings require continuous lubrication, for which a large amount of oil in the hollow shaft with a fixed oil ring installed in the mill running with the lid in the main bearing body of the oil scraping oil profits into the oil bath, and then by tank flow rotation on the hollow shaft hole to ensure good lubrication. In order to prevent oil flow from the main shaft bearing air outside, in the main bearing is equipped with a specially designed plate and scraping the oil scraper brush. 
    5, rotating device rotating device is a drive bearing, flexible coupling, reducer consisting of a transmission system, both flexible couplings transmit torque, and shock absorption, and adapt the role by the manufacture and installation errors, the actual effect smooth operation. Must be pointed out that the layout of the mill gear, do not allow random changes. Subject to change, we must ensure that the pinion gear on the vertical force upward, and determine the direction of rotation of the mill, but to change the structure of all the directional components, under normal circumstances this is not allowed. 
    See: Detailed structure and composition ball 
    Rod mill works
    Rod mill feed from the Ministry, the cylinder part, discharging part of the Ministry, etc., as well as bearing the Department, Transmission Division, based ministries. Mill cylinder body with steel bars, with the centrifugal force generated by the cylinder rotation, the grinding media to upgrade to a certain height into the falling down after the impact of the ore crushing, and grinding media and grinding effect between the cylinder liner ground into powder ore and ore, a process known as rod mill grinding process. 
    Rod mill installation method
    Rod mill installation requirements in addition to the technical requirements of the drawings, the same time in accordance with the following requirements. 
    1, pre-installation deal cylinder, gear, hollow shaft, main bearings, transmission bearings, gear and other important components of quality in check and, if the prior damage and deformation should be repaired. 
    2, the installation should be first washed clean parts to be installed (special attention to joints and sliding surfaces), a good part has been installed on the device, the commissioning should check their cleanliness, are not requirements, should be cleaned. Unwashed no moving parts to slide, with the directional components such as spiral tube, the main bearing oil scraping plate, scraper brush, etc. must be installed according to requirements of drawings, not upside down. 
    3, the measured length of the cylinder and hollow shaft dimensions, as shown in the drawings shoulder feed both ends of the hollow shaft between the shaft and main bearing clearance, modified from the center of two main bearings, and accordingly the basis of drawing a line. 
    4, the basic quality requirements to draw the line as follows: 
    (1) two piers on the basis of vertical and horizontal distance to the center line of the error not more than + -3 mm. 
    (2) elevation of the tolerance of 5 mm (referring to a concrete surface). 
    5, grouting 
    (1) grouting general should adopt concrete crushing stone (or cement mortar). The label should be at least higher than the grade level concrete base, grout should be tamping compaction, tamping shall not hit moving equipment, horns and feet and bolts to prevent the installation of equipment affect the accuracy. 
    (2) before filling the underside of the base to keep the equipment clean, oil mud and other dirt to be removed. 
    (3) filling layer should be tightly bonded to the foundation. Therefore, the bolt should be removed before filling the hole in the garbage, the surface should be the basis for filling Ma hewn surface, should be oil-stained concrete chisel, and a comprehensive scrub clean water, pockets may be left at the water 
    (4) When the grout layer of compressive strength to meet the design strength of 75% after only tighten the bolt. 
    6, main bearing installation 
    (1) tile in the main spherical bearings should be checked before assembly, the babbitt surface and the ball are not allowed into the cracks, holes and other defects. Babbitt layer and the bearing body, the hollow shaft in contact with the bearing of 75 ° -90 ° in the region, may not have off-shell phenomena, arc in contact with the outside area away from the shell side of the area shall not exceed the area of ??its sides and 20%. 
    7, the rotary part of the installation 
    (1) Simplified and hollow cylinder shaft should be checked prior to assembly, the ellipticity tolerance shall not exceed 5 mm. 
    (2) Simplified and hollow shaft assembly, the joints of burrs, flash, etc. should be cleaned and coated with red lead on the joints, according to the position aligned with the drill, the first bolt from the flange inner circle Check joints, the contact should close and not add any shims, then tighten all of the fixed screw. 
    (3) When the main bearing assembly and tighten the bolts pass only after the cylinder mounted on the main bearings. 
    (4) on the main bearings on the rotating part, shall meet the following requirements: on the main bearings on the cylinder, you should check both ends of the elevation, on the bus in the hollow journal of measurement, the relative elevation difference shall not be greater than 1 mm. 
    (5) gear and cylinder assembly, the ring face and the hollow shaft between the flange face shall not be greater than 0.15 mm gap, the size of the gear assembly of the backlash should be 0.53-1.06 mm, two feet round of contacts area of ??not less than 45% of tooth and the tooth width of 60%. 
    (6) The liner installation: 
    (A) the installation of grease inside the cylinder liner should be cleaned. 
    (B) the lining of the mounting direction, the direction must be installed according to drawings, shall be affixed to the contrary, the gap between the liner is not greater than 10 mm. Fixed liner bolts, the pad should be carefully filled solid and good sealing gasket to prevent leakage of powder, without sealing washer should be wrapped around twice in the corresponding position of lead cotton or hemp plus oil. In the installation, should be wiping cylinder wall layer (1:2) cement mortar, tighten the bolts before solidification. 

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