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Air Swept Coal Mill

Air Swept Coal Mill

  • Introduction of air swept coal mill

    Air swept coal mill is the equipment used for grinding and drying coal with different hardness and it is mainly composed of feeding device, principal axis, rotating part, transmission part, discharging part, high-pressure starting device and lubrication system. Air-swept coal mill is widely used cement, building material, thermal power generation, metallurgy and chemical industry and it has the reasonable structure and high powder grinding efficiency, so that it is the ideal equipment for making coal powders.


    Feature of air swept coal mill

    Air swept coal mill has strong adaptability to the water containing in the raw coal. Inside the powder grinding cabin, the ladder lining board, double-ladder lining board and ripple lining board are arranged in a combined type, thus improving the powder grinding ability of the grinding mill. The feeding device adopts window-shade structure that the air can obliquely go in, thus enhancing the heat exchange ability of the grinding mill and effectively avoiding the material blockage of the feeding mouth of the coal mill.


    Working principle of air swept coal mill

    The raw coal goes into the feeding device of the grinding mill from the feeding equipment, and at the same time, the hot air with the temperature about 300℃ also goes into the feeding device through the air line. The lifting board specially set inside the drying cabin lifts the raw coal, and the raw coal will conduct strong heat exchange here and be dried, and the dried coal sheet goes into the grinding cabin through the double-deck partition board with lifting board.


    Parameters of air swept coal mill



    Grinding medium loading capacity(t) Barrel speed(t/min) Production capacity(t/h) motor

    model power(kw) voltage

    φ1200x2400 4.8 32 1.4-2 Y280V-8 45 380
    φ1500x3000 8 28.8 2-3 JR125-8 95 380
    φ1700x2500 7.5 24.5 3-5 JR116-8 95 380
    φ2200x3000 13 22 5-6 JR136-8 180 380
    φ2400x4750 22 20 10-12 YR400-8 280 6000
    φ2900x4700 35 18.6 16 JSQ1512-6 570 6000

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