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Metallurgical Rotary Kiln

Metallurgical Rotary  Kiln

    • The Application of Metallurgical Rotary Kiln

      Metallurgy and chemical rotary kiln mainly used for metallurgical industry iron and steel plant, such as: lean iron ore magnetizing roasting; chromium, nickel iron ore roasting; refractory materials plant baking

      Gao Ye gold and aluminum roasting clinkers, aluminum hydroxide; chemical plant baking chrome ore and chrome ore powder and other minerals.


    • Maintenance of Metallurgical Rotary Kiln

      Metallurgical rotary kiln maintenance is a very important and is a regular job, metallurgical rotary kiln maintenance and operation of the machine and

      Maintenance of close cooperation, there must be a full-time staff on duty to check.

      One, machine maintenance:

      1, bearing for rotary kiln bearing loading machine full load, so a good lubrication on the service life of the bearing has the very big relations, it directly affects the service life of the machine and the running rate, thus requiring into the lubricating oil must be clean, seal must be good, rotary kiln main oiling Department (1 ). Bearing roller bearing ( 2) ( 3 ) all the gear (4 ) movable bearing, sliding plane.

      In 2, the newly installed tire easily loosened must carry out regular inspection.

      3, pay attention to rotary kiln machine parts working properly.

      4, pay attention to check the wear parts wear degree, always pay attention to replace the worn parts.

      5, put the device frame plane, should go out dust and dirt to avoid machine doesn't broken material activities bearing can not on the chassis to move, so that a serious accident.

      In 6, the bearing temperature, stop and check the reason to be eliminated.

      7, rotary kiln rotating gears operate if the impact of noise check should be immediately stopped, and eliminate fault.

      Two, installation commissioning

      1, metallurgy and chemical rotary kiln should be installed in horizontal concrete foundation, fixed with anchor bolts.

      In 2, the installation should pay attention to the main body and the horizontal and vertical.

      In 3, after installation, check the bolts looseness and host door is fastened, please fasten.

      In 4, according to the power of the power line and a control switch.

      In 5, after inspection, for no load test, the test can be produced in normal.


    • Structure of Metallurgical Rotary Kiln

      Metallurgical rotary kiln comprises a main structure

      1 . kiln shell, it is the main body of rotary kiln ( rotary ), the kiln shell plate thickness around the 40mm plate, near the rim, because the bearing is relatively large, the kiln shell plate to be thicker. Kiln shell lined with a layer of about 200mm of refractory brick. Kiln shell in running time, due to the high temperature and bearing relationship, the kiln shell with elliptic deformation, which will generate pressure influence on brick kiln, kiln brick life. In the kiln tail about a metre long place is conical, made from the preheating of inlet chamber to feed can be more smoothly into the kiln.

      2.The  rim, support roller, bearing, tyre and support rollers are used to support the weight of the kiln with. The rim is sheathed in the kiln shell, it and the kiln shell and is not fixed, the kiln shell and tyre is a block of iron are separated, so that the rim with a certain clearance is kept between the kiln shell, not too big nor too small. If the gap is too small, the kiln shell expansion by tyre restrictions, easy damage of kiln brick. If the gap is too large, the kiln shell and tyre relative movement, friction more interest, also can make the kiln shell oval deformation is more serious. Usually between two lubricating oil. We can through the kiln shell and tyre with their estimated relative movement between the kiln shell oval deformation degree. The kiln shell and tyre exists between the heat conduction rate difference, must have the aid of external windmills to help the kiln shell heat balance, reduce the temperature difference between the two. Otherwise the kiln shell expansion will be tyre limitation. In the open kiln, the kiln shell temperature rate above the rim, kiln workers have to control rotary kiln ( rotary ) heating rate at 50 degrees C / h, which is favorable for the protection of kiln brick. Usually riding wheel than the bandwidth of the 50-100mm mm per wheel, roller bearing is a bearing Babbit, if the loss of lubrication, can make bearing high temperature due to burn out. The bearing has a cooling water circulating cooling. In order to reduce the kiln shell on the rim thermal radiation, causing the roller temperature, between the two are provided with insulation to reduce heat radiation. Metallurgical rotary kiln ( rotary ), there are generally 2 to 3 groups of supporting wheels.

      3. The  thrust roller thrust roller of rotary kiln is restricted ( rotary ) to eat or eat on the limit switch. Because of the support roller kiln tyre width than some, in order to make the tyre and support rollers can move up and down, wear uniform. The tyre is arranged on the end surface of the thrust roller. Thrust roller is blocked by the role, roller itself has no power. Kiln eat eat by roller deflection, roller kiln center line with a certain angle, make riding wheel to kiln with upward force, so that the kiln shell. Sometimes sprinkle some raw meal powder or roller clean, increases the friction coefficient, also can make the kiln body. The kiln body to eat, as long as the tyre and support rollers between the two and toner, reducing the friction force between the both. When the rotary kiln ( rotary ) have reached Y1 switch, hydraulic system on hydraulic system of action began to eat, eat 1 minutes, stop 4 minutes, then repeated for 1 minutes 4 minutes off the action, until the kiln tyre touches to the Y5 position. The kiln body began to eat, the hydraulic system pressure relief for 2 minutes, stop for 4 minutes, then repeat the action. Until the kiln body touches the Y1 position and eat. Repeat the above process can. In the hydraulic system to stop the action, the internal pressure. Hydraulic system three to limit switch. Eat, if Y1 switch fault, kiln experience reach Y second switch, the system will alert ( the kiln body is beyond the scope of the 30mm eat ), if it is related to the third switch, the system will jump out of the vehicle ( this time to eat the scope beyond 50mm ). Rotary kiln ( rotary ) to eat, if the first switch is faulty, then kiln ( rotary ) involved in the second to switch, the system will alert, but not to jump out of the vehicle, because of thrust roller kiln shell have lower limit limit.


    • Stucture Characteristics of Metallurgical Rotary Kiln

      1.Simplified adopts five mechanical properties of ( a, B, sigma sigma sigma, alpha K % and cold bending test ) 20g and Q235B steel plate, usually adopts automatic welding. The cylinder wall thickness: for general 25mm, burning with 32mm 65mm, shell, shell to cross by a 38mm thick transition section, so that the cylinder design more reasonable, can not only ensure the cross section rigidity and improve the stress state of the supporting device. In the cylinder body discharge end with a high temperature resistant, wear resistant kilneye protection board, cylinder kiln tail by a meter long 1Cr18Ni9Ti steel plate. The kiln head protection plate and cold wind sleeve mesh sleeve space, from the mouth to the tube blowing cold air cooling kiln head protection plate non working surface, with favorable the part of long-term safety work, on the cylinder sleeve has three rectangular solid tyre. The tyre and shell plate gap by thermal expansion quantity decision, when the kiln operation, with moderate is sleeved on the cylinder body, the cylinder to reduce the radial deformation.

      2. transmission system using single drive, drived by frequency conversion motor hardened three cylindrical gear reducer, drives the kiln open gears, the drive device adopts a rubber block coupling, to increase the stability of drive, connecting power supply security of the auxiliary transmission device, can ensure the main power supply interruption can still disc kiln operation, prevent the cylinder body from bending and convenient maintenance.

      3. kiln head is sealed by a cover shell gas seal, labyrinth plus spring slices double-layer flexible sealing device. Through the mouth into the amount of cold air cooling plate, cold air is heated from the top row of walk through overlapping; heat-resistant steel spring flexible sealing plate presses the cold wind sleeve body, ensure the kiln head cylinder slightly swing can still maintain the sealing effect.

      4. kiln tail sealing the sheet steel with graphite flexible seal. The device has the advantages of simple installation and convenient, safe and reliable in use.

      Zheng Henan mine machine production of rotary kiln for cement, lime production, large output, low energy consumption, good effect of. Henan at the same time

      To provide cement production related equipment: ball mill, rod mill, air swept coal mill, cement production line, metal magnesium production line. Welcome new and old customers to Zheng ore machine production base study.


    • Working Principle of Metallurgical Rotary Kiln

      Metallurgical rotary kiln barrel made of steel plate, the cylinder lining with the refractory lining, and with a horizontal line prescribed inclination, consists of 3 belt support on each block supporting device, the feeding end wheel near the cross on the inner cylinder body with a tangential spring plate is fixed with a gear ring, a small gear meshed with the. During normal operation, by the main drive motor through reducer to the open gear for transmitting power, metallurgy chemical kiln drive.

      Material from the kiln ( cylinder end ) into the kiln calcination. Because the barrel body tilt and slow rotation effect, material is rolled along the axial direction along the circumferential direction and ( from high to low ) mobile, to complete the process, finally, by generating clinker kiln hood into the cooling fan cooling. Fuel in the kiln head is sprayed into the kiln, combustion emissions and material exchange, derived by kiln.


    • Technical Parameters of Metallurgical Rotary Kiln


    technical parametere speed reducer motor supporting quantity



    type type power

    Φ1.6/1.9ⅹ36 0.53~1.59 4 2.5~3 ZQ110-7 YCT250-4B 22 3
    Φ2.2ⅹ45 0.214~1.64 3.5 4~5 main:ZS125-5 YCT315-4B 45 3
    auxiliary:ZQ40-40 Y112M-4 4
    Φ2.5ⅹ50 0.62~1.5 3.5 5~6 main:ZS165-5 YCT355-4A 55 3
    auxiliary:ZS50-1 Y160M-6 7.5
    Φ2.8ⅹ55 0.62~1.5 3.5 6~7 main:ZS165-6 YCT355-4B 75 3
    auxiliary:ZS50-1 Y160L-6 11
    Φ3.0ⅹ60 0.5~1.5 3.5 7~9 main:ZS165-3 ZSN-280-11B 125 4
    auxiliary:ZS50-1 Y160L-6 11
    Φ3.5ⅹ70 0.4~1.5 3.5 12~14 main:ZSY500-40 ZSN-315-082 280 4
    auxiliary:ZL50-14 Y180L-4 22
    Φ4ⅹ80 0.4~1.5 3.5 16~20 main:ZSY630-35.5 ZSN-315-12 355 4
    auxiliary:ZSY280-35.5 Y200L-4 30

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