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Dry Ball Mill

Dry Ball Mill

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    Device name: dry ball mill

    Device index A: simplified speed 18-38r / min

    Device index B: power: 180-800kw

    Dry ball mill product introduction:

    Dry mill is the material being broken, and then smash the key equipment. Dry mill widely used in cement, silicate products, new building materials, refractory materials, fertilizer, black and non-ferrous metal processing and glass ceramic production industry, for all kinds of ores and other materials may be grinding of dry or wet grinding.

    Dry ball mill performance characteristics:

    This machine consists of feeding, discharging part, turning part, a transmission part ( reducer, small transmission gear, motors, electrical control) and other major parts. Hollow shaft with steel castings, the liner is detachable, rotary gear hobbing with casting, cylinder liner wear studded body, has good abrasion resistance. The machine running stable, reliable work. Another: according to the material and discharging methods, the option of dry and wet ball mill.

    Product advantages:

    1, dry ball mill technology can not only dry production can also be wet production, can also be grinding and drying at the same time.

    In 2, the company based on the user's special requirements for the design of various types of non-standard ball mill.

    In 3, the company can produce 150t / h super large ball mill.

    Dry ball mill structure:

    1, feed screw, for feed use.

    In 2, a barrel body part, cylinder body is provided with a manhole, for the maintenance and the replacement of cylinder liner plate with.

    3, discharging part, for ball mill discharge qualified products

    4, some of the main bearing.

    In 5, the transmission part.

    The working principle of dry type ball mill:

    This machine is a horizontal cylinder rotating device, outer drive gear, two warehouses, grate type ball mill. Material from the feed device feed air evenly into the mill screw shaft first warehouse, the warehouse has stepped lining board or corrugated liner, built in different specifications of steel balls, the rotation of the cylinder to generate centrifugal force will bring the steel ball to a certain height after the fall, the material produces severe impact and abrasive. Materials in the first position to coarse grinding, the board by the single compartment into the second warehouse, the warehouse lined with flat lining, steel ball inside, the material to further grinding. Powder through the discharge grate discharge, finish grinding operation.
    Dry ball mill

    The use and maintenance of dry ball mill:

    1, start of dry first check safety facilities is perfect;

    2, removal of mill around the debris, ensure safety in production.

    3, check each part of bolts are tightened and reliable.

    In 4, the cover is firmly fixed.

    Each lubricating part 5, add the lubricating oil.

    6, the use of period must be regularly checked.

    Technical parameter ( reference, requirements can be customized ):


    Planning grid




    Cylinder straight path




    Cylinder body length of




    Cylinder rotary speed




    Power rate KW




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