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Flotation Machine

Flotation Machine


    Introduction of flotation machine

    Flotation machine is applicable for the separation of nonferrous metal and ferrous metal and nonmetal, such as fluorite and talc. The impeller is driven by V-belts, which can bring the centrifugal effect to form the negative pressure. On the one hand, to inhale sufficient air to mix with ore pulp; on the other hand, to stir ore pulp and mix with medication to form the mineralized froth. By adjusting the height of flashboard you can control the liquid level and make the useful froth scraped by loam board.


    Structure of flotation machine

    XJ, SF Aspirated Mechanical Flotation Machine has new structure forward type tank. It has double-blade impeller and applied with honeycomb duct and false bottom. The ore slurry flows following upwards and downwards double circulation to be in favor of the suspension of coarse mineral. It can self air and ore slurry absorption without the help of foam pump. The impellers of floatation machine is driven by V-belt to have centrifugation which forming negative pressure. The negative pressure inhales enough air to mix with ore slurry and agentia. The foam is refined and stick on the mineral, then floating to the surface of the ore slurry to become mineral foam. To adjust the height of the gate can control the liquid level, then the available foam would be scraped out by scraper. 


    Advantage of flotation machine

    1. high level of automation

    2. high ore dressing effect

    3. high plant availability and with steady operation

    4. Low maintenance

    5. Efficient operation


    Working Principle of flotation machine

    When flotation cell works, slurry is inhaled from the bottom of the trough to the space between impellers. Meanwhile, the low pressure air sent by fan is transported to this area through the air distributor in the hollow shaft. After sufficient mixing, the slurry is pushed out by the impellers, and then goes to the trough. When the froth rises to the stable level, after the enrichment processing, it overflows to the froth trough from the overflow weir. Another part of ore slurry flows to lower part of impellers for the remixing with air. The remaining slurry flows to the next trough until it becomes residue.


    Technical Parameters of flotation machine


    model volume cell size impeller dia impeller speed capacity power
    M3 mm mm r/min M3 Kw
    XJ-3 0.35 700x700x700 300 483 0.18-0.4 2.2/0.55
    XJ-6 0.62 820x900x850 350 400 0.3-0.9 3/1.1
    XJ-11 1.1 1100x1100x1100 500 330 0.6-1.6 5.5/1.1
    XJ-28 2.8 1750x1600x1100 600 280 1.5-3.5 11/1.1
    XJ-58 5.8 2200x2200x1200 750 240 3-7 22/1.5
    SF-0.37 0.37 700x700x750 296 386 0.2-0.4 1.5/0.55
    SF-0.7 0.7 820x900x950 350 400 0.3-0.9 3/1.1
    SF-1.2 1.2 1100x1100x1100 450 312 0.6-1.2 5.5/1.1
    SF-2.8 2.8 1700x1600x1150 550 268 1.5-3.5 11/1.5
    SF-4 4 1850x2050x1200 650 220 2-4 15/1.5
    SF-8 8 2200x2900x1400 760 191 4-8 30/1.5
    SF-10 10 2200x2900x1700 760 191 5-10 30/1.5
    SF-16 16 2850x3800x1700 760 191 5-16 30x2/1.5
    SF-20 20 2850x3800x2000 760 191 5-20 30x2/1.5

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